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  • Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning.
  • Boiler Systems.
  • LPG Piping & Gas Yard.
  • HSD Piping & Yard.
  • Compressed Air Piping System.
  • Solar Hot Water System.
  • Nitrogen Piping & Gas Yard.
  • Oxygen Piping & Gas Yard.
  • Life Cycle Cost Benefits.


  • Power Distribution Systems.
  • Standby D.G. sets, Synchronization and Parallel operation schemes.
  • Un-interruptible power supply schemes, load calculations and distribution.
  • Illumination design and selection of luminaries for aesthetic lighting.
  • Batteries, Battery charges and D.C. distribution systems.
  • Low voltages systems for building automation including communication, safety, security and Surveillance.

Plumbing & Sanitary System:

  • Water supply Collection, pumping & piping distribution System.
  • Central hot water generation & Supply solar water heaters/ water generators
  • Storm water collection and disposal system.
  • Rain water harvesting system.
  • Domestic water softening and treatment plant.
  • Drainage and Process collection disposal system.
  • Sewage treatment plant (STP).

Fire Protection system:

  • Fire Hydrant system.
  • Wet Type
  • Dry Type
  • Sprinkler system
  • Wet Type
  • Dry Type
  • Flooding system Novec-1230, FM-200.
  • CO2 suppression.
  • Kitchen Hood Fire suppression system.
  • Fire Detection Manual Type Automatic.
  • Analog addressable.
  • Digital addressable.
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